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Bike Buying Tips

We keralaonroad.com can provide you with some tips that can reduce your time and effort while searching and selecting the bike of your choice.

This is one aspect that you have to take into consideration, Pricing, the amount you are going to spend on the bike.

After deciding the amount you are going to spent on the bike, now you need to know the requirements. Some of the requirements for selecting the bike will be based on the type of use - Commuting, touring, off-road, Sport, Dual purpose.

Finding the bike of your choice is time consuming and exhausting. But now with the help of keralaonroad.com, things have become easier and less time consuming. You can make use of our used bike searching tool to get a product that is perfect for you.

You can also use traditional ways of searching classifieds in newspaper, magazines etc.

Short listing
Never select just one bike of your choice, shortlist at least 3-4 bikes. Ask for the original documents and some different photos of the bike to send to you. Check and verify the documents and if possible with the RTO for the history.

By the first sight of the bike itself you can get the idea of how well it is maintained. Ask the seller for the original documents. Evaluate by looking the bike thoroughly. We help you in assessing the bike by following these general rules:

Check for any rust and scratches on the bike.

Check for any oil leaks, in the engine and gearbox.

Check for paint fading, torn seats - shows bike was not taken care off.

Things to Check during and after Test ride
Check the clutch for any difficulty in engaging the gear.

Check the gears, the gear should slot into gear very smoothly, no grating sound coming from the gearbox.

Check the chain and sprockets, well maintained bikes will have tight and clean chains.

Check for any oil leak from the forks, bent in the forks.

Check the brakes, good brake have a progressive feeling while braking. Check the disc surface, uneven surface may be the cause of overuse of worn out brake pads.

Check for smoke from the silencer, blue smoke may be the cause of oil burning.

Final Step
Once you have selected the perfect bike for you then bargain to get the best price for you. Most seller price will be negotiable, bargain to get the best deal. Verify the documents very carefully once more before making the final payment. Remember to get the sale letter to be signed by the owner. Transfer the ownership at the earliest.

Kerala On road wishing you Happy Riding

Always wear Helmet while riding, Ride Safe

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₹1.70 Lakh to 1.93 Lakh
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