Bike Selling Tips

Always wear Helmet while driving. Drive Safe.

Selling the bike can sometimes be arduous. We Kerala On Road can provide you with some important tips that will be useful to sell your bike easily and at the best price.

Bike Info
You need know your bike. Knowledge on your bike will help you impress the buyer and built the trust. You can visit to know more about the bike. The knowledge about your bike will create good impression on the buyer.

Bike need to be visually perfect, because looks matter. Clean the bike thoroughly with a pressure washer. Invest some time and physical effort to make every detail clean. Also do a professional polishing and if possible Teflon coating. A clean bike will make the impression to the buyer that the bike has maintained very well. After cleaning the vehicle

  • Check the engine oil level and if necessary top it up.

  • Check the tyres, if it is excessively worn out then change the tires.

  • Check all the lights and switches are in working condition.

  • Check the coolant, battery - top it up if necessary.

  • Check Speedometer and Tachometer.

  • Check the chain, tighten and lubricate if necessary.

  • Check all the cables, if cables are tight and hard to use, change it.

Keep all the documents ready - the ownership documents, Insurance, PUC Certificate.

As the bike has been prepared, now you can take some great photos of your bike. While taking the photos make sure you include all four sides and meter gauges.Visit to know more about posting the ad.

It is important to make a brief description about the bike including Make, model, year, odometer reading, engine spec, reason for selling. This will appear to the buyer when you are posting the Ad .Keep all the documents ready. Also get the NOC from the bank or financial institution if the bike was taken on Loan.

Remember , Kerala on road will always be with you to assist in posting the Ad .

While putting the pricing on the post, make sure the pricing is realistic. Never put higher than market value unless your bike is rare and exotic. Mention in the Ad strongly that fake calls, mails are not encouraged. This message upto certain limit will discourage those intend to waste your time.

After putting the Ad the response from the potential buyer pops up. A potential buyer will usually ask for the documents, you can send him/her the soft copies.

Test ride
Only those people who really want to buy will ask for a test ride. Potential buyers will not buy the bike without taking a test ride. After the test ride the buyer will make the final decision.

Final cut
The seller wants high price for the bike and the buyer wants a bargain. When the seller and buyer reach a price which is acceptable the deal closes.

After receiving the full amount you can hand over the documents, duplicate key. Give the signed sale certificate. Assist the buyer and do the needful. In case of the different state please provide the NOC from your RTO.

Kerala On road wishing you happy Selling
Always wear helmet while riding, Ride Safe

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