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Car selling Tips

SELLING your car at the best price requires some careful planning. It is “Value for your Ownership” scenario.

In order to sell a car one most important thing to do is getting your car ready, we understand for every customer his car is a rare or exotic piece! Yet you will be competing with buyers’ attention against many similar cars – presentation, mechanical condition and service history all can make a difference between easy sale of your car and in a position to drop the asking price. And We in Keralonroad.com understands the “Value of your priced possession”

“That is why we are here to get the best deal possible for you” and take pride in doing so.

Before advertise the car

  • Clean the car inside out thoroughly and make sure that this include the under body and under hood and do invest some money on waxing and polishing the car, because looks sell more than technicalities.

  • Repair any minor paint works or simple mechanical faults.

  • Remember that if your car has serious defects and is NOT roadworthy, describe it to the customers accurately.

  • Make sure that the insurance is at least 3 months old and vehicle test should be more than a year.

  • Next step will be to find out the market value of your car by advertising your car through Keralaonroad.com. And get the best possible deal for giving away your priced possession!! That is your CAR.

Posting the Ad

  • As the car has been prepared now you can put an advertisement for the vehicle. Listing Ad online is easy and cost effective. For a FREE User it takes no money!!

  • REGISTER yourself in to Keralaonroad.com as a valuable customer

  • The advantage of Kerala on Road is we will help the seller with, email, SMS services and expert advice regarding the price and Ad creations.

  • Great pictures will help you to stand out to buyers. While uploading the photos (4-8) of your vehicles make sure to take photos from the best angles (Exterior & Interior).

  • Make sure to create a small description including the details about the car and reason for selling.

  • If your car has been serviced in the Authorized Service Center during the age then you keep the entire records ready with you, mention this in the Ad as this will create TRUST and ACCOUNTABILITY. You have to provide all the information regarding the car –make, model, variant, fuel type, Year /month, (State/city) registration, number of owners, tax, insurance details, odometer reading, extra accessories fitted, reason of selling, expected price.

Keeping the documents

  • Once the Ad gets posted, enquires will start coming, so the documents of the car should be kept ready when the customer approaches.

  • “Never make any final decision over the phone, try to meet physically with the buyer”. Knowing your customer is as important as how much you get from the sale of the car.

  • If potential buyers needs to see the copy of the documents (ownership, insurance) you can scan and send them self-attested soft copies.

  • Also keep the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the banker if your car was financed.

Final step

  • Before handing over the car, duplicate key and documents make sure there is no balance of payment. Help the buyer with transfer of ownership.

  • If the buyer is from another state then get NOC from your RTO at a cost of INR1000 and duration of seven days.

Keralaonoad.com wishes you Happy Driving.
Always wear Seat Belt while driving. Drive Safely.

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